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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Vision of Love

    Long ago, I had a vision, which showed the Heart of humanity standing up and saving itself from further destruction. So, I pray for God to send us the Love that will save us, save America and save the rest of humanity - the Love that will restore our Freedom and safety - the Love that will work through every Heart that allows it.

You can be a Dove
All its takes is Love.

Monday, May 22, 2017

No Matter What They Say. . .

My heart keeps assuring me that GENUINE help will empathize and be here for us, in every way it can, no matter what we say or do or write.

My Spiritual View

   I feel, with every fiber of my heart and soul, that "God is Love" and that the only way to God is through our Hearts. And this is why it is so critically important that the technological and pharmaceutical targeting, which has been blocking the Heart of humanity, be stopped as quickly as possible. Please help save the Heart of Humanity from further destruction.

Websites Blocked?

   It appears that my primary websites about the targeting have been blocked from showing up on both Google and Yahoo searches even when put into quotations with the .com added to it. Those who target me have stated that they are keeping me "in the background." How can they have control of so much? They seem to think they are doing what I want but this is not what I want, especially since the targeting has not yet been being fully exposed by officials and the mainstream media...etc. This is not at all what I want and its very discouraging. Below are two of the websites that search engines no longer detect.
       My writings have also been being altered by those who infiltrate my computers as well as library computers and I want it all to stop.

A Big Issue

   I understand that there are issues with my writings. But there are no issues, that I know of, which are more critically serious then the plight of people like me who are being technologically and psychologically tortured...etc., and that of community members who are unaware of being enslaved in a secret society/covert program that uses them in the grossly inhumane and cruel process of covertly harassing and/or harming fellow citizens like me.
   The technological and pharmaceutical mind control parts of the targeting have been being used to enslave humanity through the past few decades. This is destroying the heart of humanity and I feel that this is the most critical issue that humanity has ever been faced with. It just has to stop. Please stand up and help stop it from continuing. 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

When "Help" Hurts

Some of the most sadistic parts the covert
targeting are done under the guise of "help."

When "help" hides in the darkness and hurts me or terrorizes
 me or confuses me it is difficult to perceive it as help. 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Wouldn't You Feel the Same Way?

   Sometimes I feel desperate for the targeting to stop in a good positive way - with decent honest officials standing up for us and protecting us from further harm and I feel frustrated that it obviously has not been able to happen yet. How could anyone in my situation feel differently? My frustration is not about blaming anyone for not being able to be here for us in the ways I have wanted. And I hope decent officials are not offended by my venting of these feelings in my writings.
   Please let your Hearts understand how difficult it is for someone in my situation to be surrounded by the destruction of witnesses and evidence while experiencing infiltrations into my writings and ongoing technological tortures and covert harassment and obvious setups to frame me for something...etc. I feel scared. My frustrations are born from fear and pain. I do not know how this is going to end and things sometimes seem to be getting worse instead of better. The past couple weeks are proof of this. I want things to get better - I want the targeting to be stopped before its too late for too many more victims, myself included. Wouldn't anyone else feel the same way in my situation? Wouldn't you?

     I'm tired of feeling like I have to apologize for having feelings and for writing about them, which has been part of my work and is just a natural response for me. And I am tired of being told that genuine honest help will never be here for us just because I want it to or because I sometimes feel frustrated about it not being here yet or because of my writings or because I refuse to obey the covert craziness that goes on around me. I do not want to follow the bad and am waiting for Good to be something solid/overt and True.

I Have Natural Feelings About What is Happening to Me

   My feeling angry when I am being tortured or harassed or badgered, or all of these things at once, is a natural human response to something that is hurtful and should be stopped. 

   I sometimes feel sad. I sometimes feel angry. I sometimes feel scared. And these feelings do NOT mean that I am mentally ill or dangerous or suicidal or paranoid! It just means that I am human. 

Its the targeting that is wrong

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A Horrible Set Up

[ Update may 22, 2017: I started out trying to share every detail of this situation on this post, but this becomes too difficult to do while continuing to be technologically tortured and harassed while I try to focus on writing. And this is not a report - its just a bit of what is happening to me. I have gone back and forth on how to deal with this situation.  (I need an honest, professional, NON-covert adviser who is completely aware of everything that is happening, right now. Just because it can't happen doesn't mean its not needed.) This, as well as many other situations is like a horrible catch 22. There is a danger in my remaining silent about the rounds of targeting that appear to be set ups to frame me...etc. But there is also a danger in saying too much because they could either seek revenge, which has been happening, or lie and pretend none of it is happening at all, furthering the aim to make me look crazy. . .and I am in too much of a vulnerable situation. These are VERY legitimate concerns. I have shortened this post and left just the basic scenario with the hope that it will prevent this set up from succeeding. It will not be perfect, because I am being technologically tortured and covertly harassed while I am writing it. ]

   The past week or two have been more difficult than the norm. Other recent posts reflect other parts of it, as I stumbled through it. Here I am explaining more of it, but I've still not had a chance to process it all. I am still being heavily microwaved and sometimes painfully tortured as I write this.
The past few weeks of targeting contained multiple things including what looked like one of the  sadistic tests and a set up to make me look crazy or possibly even dangerous, and involved many community members.
    Among other things it included vamp ups with computer infiltrations in three libraries librarians  cruelly trying to provoke me. One even delivered a verbal attack - trying to convince me that I am lieing about the computer infiltrations and that nothing is happening to me in the libraries and even went so far as to threaten to call the police if I returned to the library...etc., as if I am the one who is doing something wrong. This was done in a rude, accusing dysfunctional way that made it clear that she was trying to provoke me. I was kicked out of three parking lots, where I go for a bit of peace from the harassment, within one week.  A very clear death threat was issued in a way that would have just made me look crazy if I had reported it and they were instructing me to report it. They forced me to erased evidence from my phone. It appeared that they gained access to my only backup email account that contained copies of blog posts and emails. It appears that I have been being video taped, at strategic times, by more than one organization. The technological torture of my brain was vamping up at strategic times and it seemed like they were trying to make me react violently to a multitude of things that were happening. I didn't. But I did, and still do, feel scared and hurt and angry about what has been being done to me. The worst of this happened in Goffstown and appeared to include a few police officers, which was extremely disturbing.
   Since my computers were disabled last year and I was forced to use library computers and forced to tolerate horrible levels of harassment from within the computers as well as from library employees and other puppets who follow me into the libraries. I am not being allowed to freely write. I try to ignore the verbal harassment, but this is not always possible. Sometimes I walk out, in order avoid them, especially when they crowd me and get too loud. Sometimes I do a loud "Ssshhhhh" to quiet them. Sometimes I ask them to be more quiet. Sometimes I defuse the harassment by cracking a joke, which usually agrees with what they are saying about me. But sometimes I do feel frustrated and angry, because its difficult to be forced to deal with, especially when lasers of radio waves are interfering with my brain function. . .and I should not even have to tolerate it - I should be able to live my life without being harassed and tortured. And now it seems like some of the librarian puppets are being used to seek revenge on me for writing about what happens to me in libraries.
    I hope they do not succeed with any of the set ups to frame me or slander me or falsely label me...etc. They have already succeeded with hurting me and scaring me and making my personal situation feel more dismal than ever since this last round. But no matter what they do or don't do the Truth is still the same and I hope it wins.
   Perhaps part of the problem was also that I had recently given a couple kind library employee puppets a printed copy of my newly edited "Calling all Hearts" paper, with the hope of enlightening them, which I have periodically done in many places.

    Since I feel that most of the library employees are completely unaware victims of technological mind control I feel sorry for them. But this situation went beyond the usual harassment and into what looks like a cruel, vengeful, dishonest set up to provoke me and make it look like I am crazy and/or dangerous. This was not the usual round of targeting - it was a serious threat to what little is left of my independence, safety and freedom!
   Libraries are not the only places where I get harassed, not nearly. And I have never, not even in my thoughts, felt that the libraries are responsible for the computer infiltrations, because I feel that it has been being done through the new computer programs and/or the web.

    I feel that most, if not all, of the people who were used to harass me, are unaware, enslaved victims of  technological mind control. Libraries are not the only places they harass me in. Its everywhere. I feel that the targeting is harmful to the enslaved people/puppets as well as victims like myself whom they are being used against. Their being used to psychologically harass fellow citizens is a disgrace to them, to our communities, to America and to humanity and it just has to stop. And no human being should be treated the ways that I have been treated by them and their sadistic/satanic leadersGod help us all.

    If there were parts, of my original post, outside of the library stuff, that were not part of this round of sadistic targeting, I am deeply sorry. But I guess time will tell with some things. None of the covert stuff that repeatedly adds to my distress, scares me or hurts me and others, or threatens to seek revenge or to withhold help feels good to me, no matter how I look at it. It hurts me. Those who target me have a habit of pretending to help me while hurting me and so things can get too confusing if there really is good help that is also acting covertly. When I think of the possibility of genuine good people covertly, physically trying to approach me it concerns me, because I do not think they can directly do anything covert without the dark ones who target me knowing about it and I find this scary for them. I strongly feel that its safest to be just be honest and direct. I have repeatedly stated that "I can not handle the covert messaging stuff." AND, like I have been saying, I strongly feel that "Its safer to stand in the Light" - its safer to fully stand (OVERTLY) with me and acknowledge the targeting if you are not a part of it and want to help me.

    I wonder; If I had not said anything about this, and they did something like shoving me into an institution, would anyone have stood up for me before it was too late?

   My feeling angry when I am being tortured or harassed or badgered, or all of these things at once, is a natural human response to something that is hurtful and should be stopped. I sometimes feel sad and I sometimes feel angry and this does NOT mean that I am mentally ill or dangerous or suicidal - it just means that I am human.

   Words cannot fully describe what is happening in our world. It truly is a holocaustal situation for EVERYONE involved and far more people should be openly standing up against it, because it thrives and grows in the silence that has surrounded it for too many decades now. I keep hoping that things are getting better, instead of worse, and I am waiting for proof of this.

God help America and Humanity to be totally set Free.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Please Do Not Misunderstand

   Prior to the hell I was hit with this morning, I had written out a small statement, which was to be my only new post for today. In it I had hoped to reach all who may be upset over my mentioning them in my writings. In it I wanted to explain that when I express concern about people or places being enslaved, in my heart I am actually trying to stand up for them, even while I am expressing concerns for me. This applies to law enforcement, military, family...etc. I have been doing my best to stand up for ALL of us through exposing the technological mind control enslavement. These writings are not about going against any of these places. I may not be doing a very good job of standing up for us all, but its the best I can do under these conditions. Though things appear to be getting worse in the past couple years I keep groping for the hope that they are getting better, overall. I guess time will tell.


VERY Disturbing Round of Targeting

   I was going to do a bit of editing of my last few posts, since I wrote them while being heavily targeted with a lot of technological torture through the process. But before I could do much I was rudely confronted/harassed by the head of the Goffstown Library and another puppet who tried blocking me from my car as I aimed to leave, and am a bit overwhelmed today.

   I am experiencing a heavy round of both technological and covert targeting in the past week or so. Some of this appears to be manipulations designed to make me look crazy or dangerous...etc. In the past week I have had police knock on my door THREE times, kicking me out of THREE peaceful places that I tend to park in when I am overwhelmed and need peace. Two were Goffstown police who told me that I was being recorded and video taped, which is a new thing that I cannot help but wonder about, especially since the timing of it is when I was woken from sleep and when I was obviously not feeling well. I hope they are not part of the recent round of targeting, but can not know for sure.

Forced to Erase Things Stored on Phone Again

   This morning I was blocked from accessing my email with messages to erase data on my phone, instead of codes to access my email, even though my phone memory was not genuinely full. I have experienced many episodes of  this sort of thing, where I have to erase evidence from from my phone in order for it to store messages. This is the first time they blocked me from my email with this process. I did erase a bunch of stuff, because it really doesn't matter anyway. I can not prove what is happening on my own no matter what is or is not on my phone.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Another Death Threat

After yesterday's round of hell with the email stuff I vented my frustration in my car for a while, probably offending those who could hear me, but I feel that genuinely good decent people would understand and not judge me for any rantings (verbal or written) while I am trapped in this torturous hell. But someone had an issue with my posting the email stuff and/or my venting, because I was woken, shortly after I fell asleep, by an angry voice yelling and repeating, "I hate you. I am going to murder you."
   Through the mess with my old Yahoo email being accessed by those who target me and infiltrate computers I use, my younger brother sent text messages and called to ask me for help with house sitting, which reminded me of his situation which I have been worried about, because I feel that he was targeted/tortured into various surgeries, which seem to have vamped up the mind control and possibly even forced him into the sadistic program that targets us all. (Sadly, my going to his home would not be safe for me or him at this point.) I have been worried about him and many others who are victims too, just in different ways from the way I am. My heart aches for him and other loved ones who have also been being targeted/tortured...etc. My fight to expose the targeting has been to get help and protection for all of us and its more painful than words can describe, to have to watch them being hurt or controlled or used or destroyed as year after year crawls on my. Even though the targeting has forced me into remaining isolated from them I still notice and sense a lot and I witnessed a lot of the targeting on them back when we were together. I was not aware at that time, but now that I am, I can look back and see it clear as a bell. We are all trapped in the hell, just in different ways. God help us all.

   Through yesterday, as well as an uncountable number of other situations, they threatened to delay or withhold help due to my writing about what has happened or my venting or feelings. (They are even leaving me dimes, presumably to call someone who cares, during times like yesterday when my tears surface and my feelings poor out verbally.") Some of what they do to me appears to be tests or interrogations that are followed by judgments. There have been uncountable rounds of this as well. I can not know who is doing this. But I pray that none of it is not being done by officials whom I have been waiting for help from, because I need to retain hope for the good, decent, honest help that my heart keeps telling me will be here as soon as it can. I don't want to blame it for not being able to be here yet. But it hurts that it hasn't been. It hurts a lot.

 Here is the address where recent backup updates on this blog are;  www.targetedinamerica.com/bookramupdates2017b.pdf

Friday, May 12, 2017

Back Up Email Account Compromised?

   I was receiving threats to wipe out my google accounts and emails. This forced me to try to do another backup blog with a yahoo email account. (My brain was being heavily lasered through this process) So I foolishly opened my old yahoo email, yesterday, which contained a few years of backup emails and blog posts from my google accounts. (sharonpoet (at) rocketmail.com) It now appears that this is what they wanted! I quickly logged out and opened a new yahoo address but. . . This morning, at the Goffstown library, after a series of manipulations which included the blocking of my accessing my new yahoo email address - forcing me to have an access key sent to my Gmail address, they ended up having the old Yohoo email address opened without my even getting a text message, which is supposed to happen! They somehow opened a different Yahoo email address from the one I was trying to access! And I am 200% certain it was not my mistake. I am deeply concerned because this Ramblings... blog and its books and even some of my emails and print outs have been being ersed, stolen or altered!

I'm soooooo upset that I let them manipulate me into accessing my old Yahoo Rocketmail email account yesterday! Its contents were really all I had left for a defense against what appears to be alterations being made in my writings in order to set me up for various things and/or to cover up the targeting. It is horribly difficult to watch evidence and witnesses being destroyed, in various ways, while I am waiting for help to arrive for us. I really do not want to blame good people who may want to be here for us but just can't. However my frustration is justified. This is all extremely difficult.

[ Update 5/15/2017; It is possible that the email just "APPEARED" to be open in a false web page type of manipulation. But they still most likely accessed it. I am experiencing another round of manipulations that appear to be designed to make me look crazy or dangerous...etc. A couple days after this they also again blocked my phone functions - forcing me to erase evidence I had stored there.
   After I wrote the statement above a librarian puppet said, "OK" and then walked out of the room and then the head of the Goffstown library rudely confronted me, telling me that she got a link to this post, which mentioned them and she accused me of lieing and intentionally spreading untrue rumors...etc. My brain was being lasered into extreme anger during this so they probably expected me to react worse than I did. But I did tell her that she was the one who was lieing about her staff not being used as puppets to harass me and her claims of their computers being completely safe. (I had told her that I do not blame the library or her staff for the computer infiltrations - that its the web, but this made no difference to her.) She handed me a formal letter, which she said demanded that I not return to the library and said she'd call the police if I came back, as if I'd want to after this THIRD time of her harassing me on top of her staff harassing me literally every time I go in. I ripped the letter in half and threw it onto the computer station and told her to take it and "shove it." Not nice. I agree. Not my usual character at all. I agreed with her when she said that I was "not a good model of a human" but, even while my brain is being lasered into extreme anger, and I am being harassed I am clearly a better model than she is when being a puppet who covers for and follows criminals who are harassing harassing and hurting me. But it didn't end there. I walked out of the library to find another puppet parked at an angle into my car, preventing me from accessing my driver side door. Ours were the only two cars in the whole parking area, so this was not a space issue. Its a common intentional crowding. They are VERY obviously trying to trigger me lately. I guess they wanted me to rage at the puppet who was blocking my access to my car, but I just asked her to please move her car so that I could get into mine. I drove to kinder library to add this second paragraph to this update.]

   After this I drove to New Boston library to use their safer Apple computers, in order to try to secure my Rocketmail email account. . .just to find out that they recently switched to PCs and actually have them set up to retain email addresses and opened accounts, even after the computers have been shut down and rebooted!!!!! Someone else's Yahoo email account was open on the Yahoo page AFTER I had problems and had one of the puppet librarians shut down and reboot the computer, at which time she told me that all would be wiped out of it. Then I was again blocked from accessing my Rocketmail address, but after I left I got a second access code on my cell phone and a puppet appeared to be rushing into the library. I went back in and confronted them, because they redid their system to be FAR LESS safe than any other library that I know of and I feel certain that this was intentional and possibly even set up for what happened to me today. So many are being used in the dark covert program that has been taking over America and targeting people like me that its horribly discouraging.

[ update 5-19-2017; I erased a few sentences that were here. They were just a bit of venting of frustration with there still not being any good solid help while "evidence and witnesses have been being destroyed . .like last summer when I was held prisoner in a parking lot and forced to leave my car, which was then infiltrated and some of my writings stolen and a printed paper swapped." I don't want it to offend good officials who may someday be able to help us.]

   The emails in my Yahoo Rocketmail account were the ONLY batches of my writings that had not been infiltrated, that I know of anyway. And it feels horrible that I have lost that last bit of privacy and evidence of altered writings. I just don't know what to do! I feel completely trapped and too vulnerable and at the mercy of those who obviously can do whatever they want with me as well as my writings. I'd had dreams of becoming a "prisoner of war" and fear that some of their manipulations and alterations of my writings may be heading in that direction, which I have felt could only happen if America became COMPLETELY taken over. . . So this is all scary as hell, literally. God help save America and restore our Freedom.

   My blogs have been my backup in case something happens to me and my private websites are wiped out due to my not being able to pay for them. My backup blogs for information on the targeting are www.sharonpoet-ti.blogspot.com  and  www.targeted11.blogspot.com  and www.technologicalholocaust.blogspot.com. The blog for part of my original work is www.heartbud.blogspot.com and one on Weebly that was wiped out. And I want to hold onto these, in case anything happens to me. They have been well established and I do not want my primary email account wiped out, because I am already too dangerously isolated.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Calling All Hearts Again

   Please print and pass this paper to as many people as possible as quickly as possible. It is a shortened version of the one a did a few years ago;

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way 
Through bullets hidden in microwaves, 

And COURAGE, God...to make a STAND 
That saves our lives and FREEs our land.

My Goal is Freedom and Recovery of the Heart of Humanity

   I have been doing my best, under extremely difficult conditions, to expose the covert targeting and enslavement of humanity, especially the technological mind control, which appears to be delivered through things like satellites that can shoot disruptive or brainwashing radio waves into the brains of people as easily as they can shoot them down for internet access, and is aided by certain types of pharmaceuticals, which have been being pushed onto masses of unwitting people. I strongly feel that the technological and pharmaceutical control of humanity is a critical holocaustal situation that must be remedied as quickly as possible, because it has been destroying the Heart of humanity and appears to be growing dangerously fast through the past few decades
   I feel that our precious Freedom must be quickly regained, and understanding of what has been happening delivered to all, so that recovery/healing can begin.
   Heavily Targeted Individuals, (like myself) have been being hurt/tortured in ways that are grossly inhumane, to say the least. We, including those who are not aware of being targeted, need validation, understanding, compassionate help and protection from further harm (of all kinds) including from technological tortures, technological mind control, covert harassment, false mental illness labels, parasite and chemical targeting and the sabotaging of our work, homes, relationships, health and lives...etc.

Sabotaged Medicine

   I recently tried to make garlic tincture to aid with the parasite and bacteria parts of the targeting and the garlic turned bright green, like it has when I cooked with it. But this garlic was merely minced and put into vinegar.
   Decades ago I used to make garlic tincture and it never turned green. I do not know if it is something being done to the garlic before I buy it or if it is being microwaved as I aim to use it. But either way, my modes of medicine have been being sabotaged.

   Many years ago, before I was aware of being targeted, I suddenly started getting excruciating head aches after eating garlic and was baffled by it. I now think I was being technologically tortured for eating something that prevents parts of the targeting from succeeding. Similar things have happened when I aimed to do other types of medicines...making me think that my body was having an adverse reaction to them. This was so severe that it landed me in the emergency room one time.

Technologically Induced Malnutrition?

   There appears to be a pattern, which I have been experiencing, of technologically induced flushing of my digestive system at times when I am trying to eat better and take better care of myself.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Third Technological Holocaust Drawing

   I finally put the finishing touches on the third rough drawing I started in February. It is called "Confusion." This picture of it is a bit blurry, but is the best I can do right now.

Technological Holocaust - Confusion by Sharon Rose Poet

Am experiencing severe pain in head today. 

Friday, May 5, 2017

Please Do Not Judge Me

Please do not judge me. I am struggling to survive, while aiming to expose/stop the targeting, under indescribably difficult conditions and am not doing the best job of it.

   Sometimes I perceive parts of the covert things one way and at other times a different way and probably should not write about that part of the targeting, but have. I try to ignore the covert messaging but can't always and sometimes I can not help but react (especially with things that are loud and seem threatening or accusing) and then I wonder if I misperceived and feel guilty. Sometimes I share parts of the covert messaging and then erase it, because it is too difficult to be sure of what it means most of the time. I am often not handling things well and I am sorry. Sometimes I feel broken and it scares me. But I am praying for the strength to carry me through whatever the future holds and I am still praying my future will experience complete Freedom for America and the rest of humanity - the exposing and ending of and recovery from all aspects of the targeting, especially the technological mind control and tortures. God help us all.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Weather Modification?

     Whenever I see unusual weather patterns, like the ones that are now happening and causing record levels of flooding, I can not help but wonder if it is being instigated with criminal use of Weather Modification Technologies and/or laser weapons that can break things like eddies and dams. I hope that further devastation can be prevented by positive use of such technologies and the prevention of criminal use. I hope that stalled storm systems can be pushed out to sea instead of dumping too much water in the Northeast in the next week...etc. And God help places like Missouri and Arkansas! I feel for those who have lost homes and hope they are getting compassionate and uncomplicated help.

Monday, May 1, 2017

It Is Never Going to Be "Too Late"

Its never going to be "too late"
For Love to save the human race.
And Love works through anyone
Who has the Heart get it done.


Am holding onto hope, while raven's puppets try to convince me that "it is too late."

Cryptic Dreams

   I erased the poem and statement that was hear, because it was probably just fear based. Am having a tough time. I sometimes try to link past dreams to current situations in efforts to try to understand what is or will happen, but it is not always accurate and I am too overwhelmed and have too much interference with the technological targeting of my brain to do a better job right now. Sorry.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Holding Onto My Voice

   They took most of; my dearest loved ones; my homes and gardens; my peaceful sanctuarys; my dreams; my privacy; my safety; my trust in my own intuition and instincts; my freedom to love and think and live and feel in ways that are natural to me; my ability to pray and wait for answers without interference; my work and financial security...etc. And they still want my voice!


P.S. Last night I experienced painful laser shots to my chest and face, after I talked about my concerns with a dream I had about going somewhere and then a disaster happening....etc., (a supposed "natural" disaster?) This happened as I was forced to race to public bathrooms while surrounded by stalker/puppets. It appears that I was lasered for talking.

Canadian Geese?

   I think I may have been wrong about the geese, which were portrayed as being followed by a darkness in a dream I had a long time ago. I'd previously thought the geese probably represented a part of the United Nations and had written this in a post last year. But I now feel that the geese may symbolize Canada. And, if they do, I wonder if the darkness is a threat to me or America or both.  Either way I pray for the good/geese to not let themselves be used by the bad or let the bad through any doorways they may open. God help us all to be safe and free.

P.S. On a personal level; I wonder if the darkness is connected to the possibility of perpetrators framing me in Nova Scotia. Since I realized this possibility I have suspected the German family I stayed with for a while, but there are two other places I went while there in 2011 and people I went to and later confronted in 2007. My suspicions of being framed as a pedophile are due to old forewarning dreams as well as the satanic method of delivering cryptic messages, through their puppets, to let me know what they are going to do to me and a three VERY obvious attempts at set ups for that here in my home country.
   I also now wonder if they framed me during my last visit to Peru in 2001 when a chain of obvious targeting ended with my flight being cancelled and me being forced onto another one that left all passengers fearing for their lives, and forced a long layover in Lima where the woman, whom I had sat next to on the treacherous flight, invited me to her home. I also stayed with a Quechua family while I was in Peru.
   Peru and Nova Scotia, Canada are two places where I had aimed to build or purchase small vacation/retreat homes, back when life seemed normal for me. I'd thought they'd make great places for writing retreats and vacations with my daughters. Needless to say, these plans have been shattered and if I ever get out of this hell I'll have to check to see if I have been framed in the countries I'd frequented or if its all just to scare me into thinking they did.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Perpetrator Tried to Use Police Against Me

Update 4-28-2017; I have erased this post.  I'm extremely distressed and have had a lot of interference with it! I have been being too heavily targeted - harassed, threatened and technologically tortured to do a good job with it. New realizations have been vaguely surfacing, in between the tortures and harassment, and its all just too much for me to handle right now.  Perhaps at a later date, I will be able to do a better job with it.
   Perhaps I should not have posted it at all. I regret doing so. I'd hoped it would help all of us with this situation where avenues of even just potential help are often sabotaged by those who target us.
   I often flip into the mode of trying to prove the targeting and/or validate others who are being targeted, but I also sometimes feel like it may not be safe to expose parts of the targeting, especially that which involves other people. However, I'd already posted this situation so it seems best to state that it was about my experience with a perpetrator zooming in on one of my daughters and then fabricating things against me at the Andover, NH police department, where I owned a home, around the year 2000. Hopefully no harm will come to the people who were involved in this situation, due to my posting it. And hopefully no harm will come to me for posting it.
   In the past few years I am often at a loss as to how to handle my situation. I have sometimes regretted sharing as much as I have due to the possible destruction of evidence and witnesses, which appears to have been happening through the past couple decades. But then, on the other hand, I strongly feel that we are supposed to stand up and talk about what happens to us. And, since those who target us can actually read our minds, there are no secrets from them - they already know, so is it not best to let good people know as well?
   Perhaps it is best that I do not even try to share anything that involves other people, although most of it has already been shared. But how do I do more to prove the targeting under these constraints? The vamp ups in the targeting, especially those that interfere with my brain, have also often happened when tried to write and mail reports to officials. Those who target me monitor me and know and interfere and sometimes torture me and. . . so I keep returning to thinking that just being open/public and honest is the right way to handle it. But am I wrong? I keep going back and forth. My heart keeps telling me to share my experiences, because this is what my work has been about. But sometimes I just don't know what to do, anymore.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Technologically Generated Bathroom Runs

   I'm sure I mentioned this before, but its worth another mention. I am going through another round of technologically induced bowel movements, which can be difficult to control, especially after they have technologically prevented a natural movement. This has usually been done a strategic times and appears to primarily be to inflict suffering, especially during those times when I am not near a bathroom and when they have puppets rush to occupy the gas station bathroom closest to me. This has happened a lot over the years.
   Before I realized the technological parts of the targeting I used to wonder why I would so consistently have to go to the bath when I went to my post office or the storage bin I used to have. Now I know. I had found a porta-potty at a little pond behind my post office, but they removed it after I started using it. The same thing was done at a park I used to go to.
   I am not a person who has ever had difficulty with or frequent urination...etc. This is definitely being technologically inflicted upon me. During one of the many times when I was resisting the erg they had a puppet walk into the room I was in and loudly scold, "You will go to the bathroom when I tell you to." They even sometimes let me know that they are about to start a round of this by having puppets walk near me saying things like, "Holy shit!" And I am being technologically tortured for writing this - am experiencing a sudden severe pain in my left side.

New Page for Targeted Individual Videos

  In my recent round of looking for Targeted Individual videos I have found that there are a lot of new ones on the web in the past couple years. But, sadly, many of the older ones appear to have vanished. I, of course, can relate to a lot of what is in them and I can recognize some of the typical stages of realization. But, to those who are not aware of what is happening to us they can be confusing. So, please watch them with your Heart.

  Targeted Individual videos are desperate cries
for understanding, care and the right kinds of help

   We desperately grope for who and why and how where there are too few answers. Is it this one or that one or coworkers or community members or my family or the government...etc.? But the manipulations and misinformation and interference with our brains makes it hard to be objective and often impossible to present ourselves as well as we could if we were not being targeted. When we look through our justifiable anger, from the prison of hell that our abusers have us trapped in, they all appear responsible, because some of them are involved either through participation or through an inability to protect us or through a baffling, careless, blind disbelief, which even tends to assume "mental illness" instead of giving us the benefit of doubt. If we are able to reach the point of realizing the horrible technological and pharmaceutical mind control's enslavement of humanity, and are able to look at the bigger picture, we can see that they are all victims too. But this is often too difficult to do while being tortured and feeling scared and desperate for help, especially in the initial stages of realizing that we are experiencing sadistic targeting and often being told that our own government...etc., is torturing and harassing us. Please excuse us and try to understand and care instead of judging us. God help us all.

 New Page for Targeted Individual Videos

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Forums With Changeable Posts Feel Unsafe

   A few years ago, when facebook changed to the format of posts being alterable/editable I pulled away from that forum out of concern that my posts could be altered by those who target me and had already infiltrated those accounts more than once. I had also experienced the alterations of posts that I had commented on in a poetry forum where posts were editable. The alterations of either our writings or those that we comment on can create really bad situations for Targeted Individuals.
   This concern is raised again lately as I go through a round of making comments on a few Targeted Individual youtube videos, because those are now changeable as well. I hope what I write remains the way I wrote it, especially since I am now too broke to even do print outs of my writings. And I hope that things I have commented on remain as they were when I made the comment.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Cover Up of Technological Targeting?

Crippled Grope for Help
   It appears that those of us who are aware of, and have been exposing, the technological parts of the sadistic targeting may be in danger of being inflicted with other things that our symptoms can be blamed on - things like parasites or tumors or other ailments that appear to be natural but are also inflicted by those who target us. (They can not call us ALL "mentally ill" so I guess they need other avenues to cover up the technological targeting, especially that which is inflicted through space based technologies.) For example; a victim who "complains" about being lasered in the pubic area may end up with a parasite infliction that it can be blamed on. (This happened to me.) But the victim knows, because there is a very noticeable difference between the different types of inflictions. I also feel that things like morgellons has been being inflicted upon heavily "Targeted Individuals" so that the technological tortures can be blamed on the parasites...etc.
   Of course, "life happens" - people do get ill from natural causes...etc., (and it appears that humanity has been being experiencing parasite targeting on a massive scale) but the technological targetings are also happening. The inflictions to cover up the technological part of the targeting should not stop us from standing up against it, it just needs to also be exposed so they can not get away with it.

   They have periodically inflicted me with various types of parasites, including literally shooting ticks into my car last summer. Puppets walking or standing close behind me and putting something in my hood or on the back of my head has happened a lot, including just recently! ("Got you," they said after they recently did it!) I have actually caught them doing these things and some of them are hard to get rid of! There is a lot more but that is not what this post is for.
   They have been threatening to inflict me with various types of cancers and disabilities, in order to stop me from writing and, if they do, this can also be used to cover up the technological targeting, although that is what would be used to inflict the disability.
   They can only get away with technologically inflicting an illness, in order to hide other technological inflictions, if too many people, especially professionals who could help us) are not aware of the capabilities, and criminal use of radio wave technologies, especially space based laser weapons and microwave weapons, psychotronic weapons, RMN, DEWs...or whatever else they are now being called, in order to hide past reports of their criminal use. Please help spread awareness.

Attempts to Stop Me From Writing

    I recently experienced another round where my pen suddenly stopped writing although it was not out of ink. This has periodically happened, at strategic times, and happened severely around 2002 when I was trying to resurrect my "Embracing Feelings" book into "Embracing Sadness" after it the final manuscripts was destroyed in a suspicious fire. My pen would stop writing and I'd pick up another one and then that one would stop writing....and on it would go until I switched to a pencil, but then things like a sudden onset of extreme fatigue would sometimes hit me...etc. At that time I did not know anything about the covert or technological targeting, (I was completely oblivious) but I thought the pen thing was odd, because they were not running out of ink, I ended up thinking that it was probably from my home being colder than the norm and that perhaps this had an effect on the ink. I now think that they were either lasering the tips of my pens or doing something else to prevent them from functioning properly. And as I write this I am realizing that this is what pushed me more fully toward doing even my initial writings on a computer.
   The threat of inflicting me with a disability is also again happening lately and appears to be to stop me from writing. Aside from an increase of disabled puppets being placed around me, my right hand has periodically been going numb for no apparent reason. I woke this morning with both of my hands feeling numb and I feel that it was not due to the way I slept. My neck has been being lasered lately, particularly while I am doing blog posts that they obviously do not approve of.  This could easily look like its just a pinched nerve from tension or siting...etc., but it only happens at strategic times and not at other times when I sit for even longer or am even more distressed. I, of course, hope that I will be fine - that it is just another scare tactic.
   This morning, as I only thought about writing this blog post about the disabled pens and disability threats, I experienced sudden jabs of breath stopping pain in my right side, which lasted about five minutes and I believe that it was being done with a laser weapon. And then they sent me the usual "! Schneider" text message as I started logging into my blog.
   This morning I also woke with a projected dream which showed a cut phone wire after subjecting me to another perverted scene. I guess this means cutting off communications? As I wrote part of this post a puppet walked near me jiggling car keys, which appears to be a threat to disable my vehicle.

I guess I must be doing something right lately

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Attempts to Instigate an "Accident"

   I am experiencing another round of them trying to make me get into an "accident" with my car. A truck started quickly backing out of a driveway in front of me this morning. Vehicles, coming from the opposite direction, have been swerving over the yellow lines toward me...etc. These types of things suddenly started happening too often to be a coincidence and not be part of the targeting. And I have experienced many rounds of this.