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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Yearn for Freedom Book Compromised!

   Yesterday I found that early editions of my Yearn for Freedom book were erased from my storage devices. I do not know why. I replaced it in my publishing company with more added to it, but am not sure if even that is secure. What has been done with the altering of and/or erasing of my writings is a horrible violation, especially since my books are an important part of my job - my business - my work. Please help promote my work so that I can get back onto my feet and try to set myself up to secure it and make it better; Poetic Publications - www.poeticpublications.com

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

I'm Sorry Again

   I am deeply sorry if anything I have written offends good officials who can someday stand up and be here for us. Please understand that there are MANY times when I feel scared and my writings have been a desperate fight for our lives. . . and many times when I am too distressed to put much thought into other perspectives or to realize the full scope of all other things that may be happening...etc. I am not sure if things are getting better or worse (in general), beyond my personal situation. . .and this is disturbing for me. I hope they are better than they sometimes seem. The targeting has too often had my instincts, intuition, heart and even my prayers imprisoned in shrouds of radio waves and tortures and my own states of overwhelm with it all. I have often felt too bound up (imprisoned) and have been slowly disintegrating and I want to be heading in the other direction - to be recovering before its too late. But I imagine this is obvious. I hope that it all stops, and then more becomes clear, very soon. I hope to someday be able to fix and/or explain my writings better on uninfiltrated computers when I am free to do a better job. Until then this is the best I can do. Please excuse my mistakes and overlook that which has been altered by those who infiltrate my writings as well as my life.

 Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Even the Squirrels are Against us!

Those darn squirrels keep picking up nuts and burying them!
And there's not many of us left!

Just kidding. But its a symbology of a sad reality that has to stop, especially
since the "nuts" are just people who know too much about the targeting.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

My Vision for America

The Heart of America standing tall.
No longer set up to fail or fall.
A picture of our flag with a Dove.
America peacefully standing for Love.

Freedom's Peace song

   I wrote this song a couple days ago and am still tweaking it. But feel I should share it to help hold the copyright from those who watch and target me. ( updated on 11-15-2017 )

Freedom's Peace
copyright Sharon Rose Poet

Oh dear Lord please set us free
Wrap your love around us.
Keep us safe. Surround us,
Until Freedom's Peace has found us.
Oh dear Lord please set us free

No more suffering. No more wars. No more locks on Freedom's doors.
No more torture. No more pain. No more lives lost in the rain.
No more stealing of our souls. No more twisted mind control.
No more microwave illness. No more pills for forced distress.
No more families torn apart. No more murdering of our Hearts.
No more. NO MORE! No more. Please. God, please. No more!


No more tech induced disasters - help withheld in days after.
No more parasites in our food. No more altering of our moods.
No more victims set up to fall. No more silence through it all.
No more chains of darkness. No more crazy covert mess.
 No more. NO MORE! No more. Please. God, please. No more!
No more staged deaths. No more gone. No more enslavement "home."
Just the kind of homes where love grows - just the kind we all should know.


Help our tears and pain release in the heart of Freedom's Peace.
All around the whole wide world and for my dear little girls.
Oh please set our hearts free. Please, Lord. Please set us free.
All of humanity - all of the world. . .and me.


   I sometimes have visions of video content for my songs and I think this song would fit well with scenes that depict the targeting... scenes of satellites shooting laser beams at people and a doctor giving a microwave victim unneeded drugs and a mother and child being stalked and abducted and families fighting against each other and people suffering in a public that ignores them and wars raging and people being enslaved while thought to be dead and wealthy perpetrators controlling it all - targeting and aiming to control both common citizens and governments...etc. Then, as the chorus is sung, the scenes switch to soldiers returning home, the laser beams being blocked, Light illuminating homes and towns and government facilities that had been shrouded in darkness, the woman and child being saved, families reuniting and hugging each other, people refusing unneeded prescriptions and all the targeting being stopped...etc.

 Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


I beg all who are aware of the targeting to let your Hearts
openly stand up FOR us and America and humanity.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Concern for my Children

   I continue to be deeply concerned for the safety of my children. I have received many threats, starting in 2006, that appear to be to inflict harm to my children if I do not leave my life "forever" - if I do not leap into the program that targets us all. In 2006 I had gotten a message, that seemed to be part of a dream as I woke. This message was, "Your children will be OK if you leave." At that time I thought it was a message from God telling me to not live too close to my children so that those who target me will not harm them too. I foolishly moved to New York. I now feel certain that the message was delivered via V2K and that it was really a threat to harm my children if I do not leave - join them. Just a month or so later, as they finished shoving me into destitution, I was approached by a man who told me a story about making a lot of money if I just do one thing. I didn't bite on it because he seemed dark. This is just one of a few similar situations. The push to make me join those who target me has been strong and sometimes torturous and forceful. I'm still refusing and standing up against that darkness, but it has been a dangerous situation for my loved ones as well as myself.
   Since around 2009 and 2010, after I more earnestly started trying to seek help from all levels of law enforcement, including local, state and FBI, things appear to have been inconspicuously vamping up on all of us, particularly the technological parts of the targeting. Much of the initial manipulations appear to have been to prevent help from being here for us and to brainwash my children into thinking that the targeting was not really happening and that I was just "mentally ill."
   Around the end of 2011, after I realized more about the technological parts of the targeting (including mind control) and how my daughters were long term victims too, I had begged them to go to the FBI. I don't know if they did. But I had a dream that my youngest daughter tried to but failed ("fell") in her aim to. If my children had, at that time, even tried to stand on my side it may have made things vamp up on them. They both were, and still are, in dangerous situations where they have no protection and not enough awareness of what has been happening to them. I feel that at least one of them has probably been periodically drugged and possibly even used by those who target them as well as me. . .and that there may be a dark aim to hurt me through hurting and using them and possibly even setting them up to be caught doing something or being used to try to have me put away.
   I had sensed, in 2012, that those who target us were even watching officials in places I had been turning to for help, and interfering and possibly even setting things up to make us look like the bad guys. This may have started as soon as 2002 when I talked to officials about my suspicions about my little brother's death.I am not totally sure of all that has been happening and what the intentions are. There are different ways to perceive almost everything in this confusing mess. I am hoping that it is all made clear someday. But I think a lot of manipulations have happened around my aims to seek help for my loved ones and I since at least 2009, and, judging by a lot of covert messaging, it is possible that there have been set ups to make us look bad in the eyes of some of the places I'd aimed to seek help for us from.
   Around the end of 2013, a man who was trying to get me to agree to leap into the covert rescue and leave my life, name, loved ones...forever, told me a story, which now also seems to have been about one of my daughters and a threat to force me to leave. He said things like,"He's making her do things. . . They will put her in prison and force medicate her."And there have been many covert threats of this since then, especially since 2015. Some of it appears to be about me, but it could be about my daughters too. I am still scared for all of us.
   My daughters and I have desperately needed protection from further harm for more than two decades. I have felt all along, that (like myself) my daughters are still being hurt in ways that are not obvious to even them and it has hurt horribly that I have been prevented from being able to explain things to them and help them to understand, due to them being convinced that I am just mentally ill and that what I say is not true. And obviously, the right kinds of professional help has not been able to be here for us. I hope that my daughters and I are spared from any further distress, of any sort, as quickly as possible.
   I don't want to blame good official help that have not been able to be here for us in the ways that we need it, because I understand this is an extremely unusual and complicated situation and that we are not nearly the only ones who are being hurt by it. But we count too and it appears that there have been many aims to set up or frame not only me, but possibly also my children. And I am still getting what appears to be covert threats to harm one of my children, (and/or me) through the judicial system. These, combined with past experiences and dreams, raises a legitimate concern. . .a concern that has been an almost unbearable pain in my heart for many years now. I beg the heart of all levels of law enforcement to not let us be hurt anymore. We have already been hurt too much. Please protect us from further harm as quickly as you can. I beg all who are aware of the targeting to let your Hearts stand up for us and America and humanity as quickly as possible.

P.S. I hope that all levels of law enforcement become fully aware of how those who target us can  use them in a horrible process of setting up victims, sometimes with the use of drugs and technological mind control. This has probably already hurt too many. I hope the dark forces that target us all are not allowed to succeed with any set ups and are not allowed to do anymore damage to any of my loved ones and I.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Friday, November 3, 2017

More Protection is Needed

   I just tried an experiment with liquid electrical tape painted on a hat and it appeared to not work with the blocking of radio waves, which they are directing into my brain, often at mentally crippling levels. I'd tried to find liquid lead, because lead did block it in my 2011 test, but I was not able to find any. Its discouraging that real lead is becoming hard to find and that the types that are available are too expensive for me.    I heard that the old leaded house paints, which contained liquid lead, were banned from use on residences in the 1970s, in the UK and USA. This is around the time when the lethal targetings appear to have started more fully raging through humanity. Its sad that those who hurt us had control of too much by that time.
   I heard that many of the laws, which support the targeting, were instigated by bad advise from just a few perpetrators who had positioned themselves in positions where they could advise others, who believed them, because they were the experts. It is probably mostly the innocent and unaware who implement the changes, which support the darkness. This seems to be how this operation operates - using good people who can be the ones to get blamed if its ever realized. So, again, we must be careful not to blame people or organizations who did not even realize what was happening.
   But I hope it all starts turning around, because humanity (especially heavily hit victims) need EVERY possible mode of protection and safety to be readily available. Surely anyone who cares for humanity's safety would agree. This is about saving all of us from further harm.
   There is also a serious need of unfiltered radio wave blockers and radio free communities being made available to all who do not want to be subjected to radio waves of any kind. This is especially important for the safety of children and adults who are more sensitive to the radio waves that now flood almost all of our communities, and aid the lethal targetings (including technological mind control) under the guise of it being for internet access...etc. This would be important even if criminal use of the technologies were not happening. And it should go without saying that criminal use of all types of radio wave technologies should be stopped as quickly as possible, globally.

P.S. At one point those who target me had literally brainwashed me into thinking this was all being done by HAARP and also that I was a victim of the 2005 "Patriot Act." This happened after I already knew better. But I believe it was effective, for a while, because they had also drugged me during that time. The little I know of the "Patriot Act" is that it enabled legal surveillance of citizens. My loved ones and I were clearly being surveilled and harmed, with satellites and connected laser/microwave/radio wave technologies, long before that. So the way I look at the "Patriot Act" law is that it merely enabled the honest to have the same freedoms, which the criminals already stole. Those who target us do not care about the laws that were to protect our rights to private, peaceful enjoyment of our own lives. They were already crossing those boundaries decades before 2005.
   I hope something is quickly done to prevent criminal use of ALL radio wave technologies...etc., in order to regain our freedom. Until that can be accomplished, many of us need ways to protect ourselves from further harm. And more public awareness could only help all aspects of this crisis, because it would enable people, including officials around the globe, to understand and do more to restrict use of the technologies. . .and that understanding would also enable people to be helping and supporting each other through it, instead of crumbling in confusion under the silent targetings.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Its MY life!

  Those who target me sometimes appear to be blaming my not leaping into enslavement as a reason for various parts of the targetings they do, including things like the recent New England storm. This is really difficult to deal with. Its cruel beyond description. I'm not sure if they are really performing huge disasters, just because I refuse to leap into enslavement or if someone just wants me to think they are. But I sometimes foolishly feel guilty, even though I shouldn't. They have been trying to threaten and torture and coerce me into leaping into their hands in many ways! This started with the coercions over a decade ago. 
   I feel that too many targeted people have been forced to leave their lives, just to be completely enslaved under a new identity. And I feel that too many others have been technologically enslaved through either brain damage or drugs or a certain form of technological "protection"...etc., and that this should all be fully exposed and stopped, along with the pharmaceutical and technological mind control, in order to restore humanity's freedom. I hope that those who have been completely enslaved are set free and that families, that have been torn apart, are able to reunite and recover in a free world.
   I do not want to be enslaved and used by those who hurt us and I am sure that most (if not all) other people would feel the same way if they knew what has been happening.
   The audacity of people intruding upon our lives and then telling us that we have to leave our lives "forever," in order for us and/or our loved ones to remain safe, is just too horribly wrong. . .and I do not believe that any good comes from it for anyone. Its not me who should leave my life, its THEM who should leave it. Its MY life! And its not me who should be restricted, its them who should be restricted from interfering with my life. Its MY life! And the same goes for my loved ones and everyone else who has been being targeted in any way.

   I deeply need protection from further harm, especially from the technological targeting, the parasite targeting and the covert harassment stuff, right here in my life, from genuine good people who care about us...etc.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

A Serious Danger

[ Update 11-17-2017;    I hope that what was depicted, in the part of a dream I share below, does not even have the chance of really happening. I believe that the dream was a warning of a valid danger whether it was symbolic or not. And that I am not the only one who is in danger. The dream showed officials, who could have jurisdiction over that facility, holding us there and not opening a door for us, in order to force us into the tunnel. (The torture part, which I had previously mention in the dream part this post, was something that I feel was being done, in order to get me to go there, but I did not express this very clearly in the original post.)
   Just before I had this dream, I was thinking of going to the facility they were really luring me to for help, because I have felt that there are good officials there. But I just realized that, around the time of this dream, and as the push to lure me there vamped up, it appeared  that that facility was being taken over and that the good officials were being transferred or were leaving. Was this happening in order to stage the disaster? 
   I now wonder if my not going there prevented the disaster. Was the dream a warning of a real cave in or just symbolic of what has obviously already been happening? Did the cave in happen even though I did not go to the facility? According to my dream a man named Don, as well as many other people, were to be killed/buried in the cave in. If it did not happen, and there was really a plan for it, I hope my posting this prevents it, as well as a continuation of the other REAL dangers for targeted people who (for decades now) appear to have been being torn from their lives, in order to be either killed or completely enslaved. The dangers for those of us who are aware of the targeting, and have been openly standing up against it, is a reality because there are too few of us and many of us are too isolated. There appears to be many who want us silenced. And SOME, aside from the satanic ones who target us, may be capable of murder, especially in ways that appear to be accidental or could be hidden from anyone who could care about us. Many TIs have vanished. This is a horrible situation for more than just those of us who are being heavily targeted. We are so heavily watched that even good places, which we have tried to turn to for help, or have given information to, appear to become watched and sometimes even targeted or influenced or interfered with as well. I feel that there is too much success with the targetings because not enough people know and too few have been openly standing up against it.

   I got threats, that appeared to be against my children and/or I, after my original writing of this blog post! And this is also extremely disturbing. I feel sure that ALL good officials would want to know if things like this have even the slightest chance of really happening, especially in their own facilities. And due to my situation, and things I've sensed, publicly posting some things seems to be the only way to ensure the greatest chance that enough good officials will actually get the information, and of insuring the greatest chance of ensuring our safety. I'm sorry it has to be this way. ]

Original Post

    Around last Spring I had a dream that forewarned of extreme danger in the covert rescue stuff. (This was not the first of such dreams.) But this dream appears to apply to the present time period. In the dream I was being held in captivity, in order to be forced to go into a tunnel that supposedly lead to freedom. There are other people there and I try to tell them that its not safe, but some of them go into the tunnel anyway and it collapses on them...etc.
    I have viewed this as symbolic of what I have already been going through, but maybe its not so symbolic as I thought. I still feel that there is no secrecy, from the dark ones who target us, in the covert rescue stuff. I don't think there ever was. I think they are in the back ground of it all and that it leads to enslavement and is all orchestrated by those who target us and America and humanity. I sense that there is a vamp up in danger for many right now, certainly for me. I beg good officials to realize this and stop all covert rescue stuff. Its safer to stand in the Light - to openly stand up instead of acting covertly. Please believe me this time. Please.

   In the past few weeks there has been another vamp up of technological tortures and interference with my brain as well as obvious aims to drug me. I have noticed two different occasions when my car was accessed while I was in a store or library or church. The aim to abduct me under the guise of a covert rescue has also vamped up again, and sometimes happens during rain storms. The tortures and drugging appear to be to set me up and make me want to leap into the covert rescue....as is the usual pattern. I have repeatedly said, "NO I DO NOT WANT TO GO!" Their aim is obvious, in the patterns of torture and telling me that I have to "go home" as well as the disrespect for my feelings and choice to not leave my life "forever"...etc. This is really nothing new. I've been through many horrible rounds of this since around June of 2013.
   I am concerned for my safety and am also concerned that those who target me often seem to use good people (even various levels of officials or estranged loved ones) in the foreground of their covert abductions - people who really think they are helping. I pray for their safety. You should too. Please help pass the word on this. Its safer to stand in the Light in supportive groups. Please do. It doesn't have to be with me. Do it for yourselves.

P.S. Torture and raven warnings vamped up after my initial posting of this. It is even possible that they orchestrated a series of events, knowing that I'd become concerned and write this. I don't know. But I do know that this hell just has to stop for everyone it has been hurting and everyone it aims to hurt. And more people need to be aware.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

"I won't be nuts for you"

   I watched clips from the movie, "Nuts!" in a library and it really touched my heart. I wish I could watch the whole movie. I can relate, a bit, to the personality of the character Barbara Streisand plays in this movie. I can also relate to the horrible scenario of feeling like I have to prove my sanity, just to keep what little is left of my freedom, while having too much else to deal with. I tear up every time I watch it.
   In this video Barbara Streisand passionately begs for her freedom from being falsely labeled as crazy. She cries out, "If I play this part  you all seem to want me to play. If I play sick. . . poor sick Claudia She needs our help. Well I won't play that part. You hear me? I won't give you that out... He can sign a piece of paper saying that I'm nuts, but its only a piece of paper. And you can't make me nuts that way no matter how many times you sign it. No matter how many times you say it you can't make me nuts. . . Just get it straight all of you. I won't be nuts for you. Did you get that?" I could say this to all of those who have been used to try to make me think that I am just mentally ill, in order to get financial help or what it is really for - in order to hide the targeting.

"I won't be nuts for you" scene in the movie, Nuts


"Did you get that?"


    Many of those of us who are long term heavily Targeted Individuals, and are publicly exposing the targeting, are beacons for the rest of humanity, because we know what is happening and we have the wisdom of experience. We may not look like it on the surface, because our aims to expose the targeting are often crippled by it. But most of us know what you need to, even though we may not always portray it very functionally or with perfect accuracy. So, please give us the benefit of your doubt, look past mistakes and misperceptions and past those who call us “mentally ill,” in order to hide the crimes that REALLY ARE happening, in a variety of degrees, against most (if not all) of humanity.

Those of us who are being hit hard need your Hearts to find
the courage to openly stand up WITH us for all of humanity.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Concern for Other Targeted Individuals

  I have been deeply concerned for Targeted Individuals, including myself. My recent posts were about my concern for Targeted Individuals and not for the purpose of blaming anyone. I know that many of those who try to help TIs are often either too targeted themselves (like me) and/or are perhaps too restricted in other ways.
   I am coming from a deep and legitimate  concern for Targeted Individuals and feel that I have to speak up, because our lives are still in serious danger. (Several months ago, I had started a list of TI videos out of this concern.) The lack of good, trustworthy help has been too seriously lacking EVERYWHERE.
And there seems to be many traps set up for TIs on the web, or places designed to help being used to stalk, recruit, abduct...etc. Much of what is on the web has not been safe, especially for TIs who are just starting to realize the targeting and are scared and in deep need of something that is 100% secure, safe and supportive. We need better levels of help, which do not even seem to be on the horizon, at this point, and its too discouraging.
   In my Yearn for Freedom book I'd hoped to share more of my concerns and my process of figuring things out, in order to help other TIs who are just starting to realize the targeting - I'd hoped they could learn from my mistakes..., but whoever had my computer infiltrated, and also technologically tortures me, seems to have a serious issue with me saying anything about the  targeting I experienced in TI forums on the web in 2011 and 2012. This same entity also clearly wants all of my past writings to be erased, in order for me to get help. My Yearn for Freedom book is now on Amazon, but (like my other writings) did not end up the way my heart wanted it to be, due to a vamp up in the harassment and technological torture and various types of technological interference as I aimed to do it. But it is a record of many things that are not in my other books.
   I have been being too heavily targeted, to do a perfect job with any of my writings. For a while, I kept trying to make some of them better, with the hope that they will help us all and not offend possible avenues of genuine good help being here for us... but my efforts, like this last one, have too often been crippled by the targeting in various ways. And my heart assures me that GENUINE good help would care too much to withhold help, and make me suffer for longer, no matter what my targeted writings do or do not contain.

 P.S. This was inspired by a couple emails I got after emailing one of posts to people who are in positions to be able to reach TIs.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Heavy Torture of Brain

   The interference with and torture of my brain has been really bad lately. Painful torture almost all day yesterday. I was not able to do my Yearn for Freedom book the way I'd wanted to. Way too much interference on all levels, including in an infiltrated lap top, which I returned to where it came from. I still need protection from the targeting, but I guess that's been obvious.

Monday, October 23, 2017

With the Heart of Honesty and Truth

With the Heart of honesty and truth
Mistakes can be forgiven,
Wrongs can be set right,
The darkness can stop
And Freedom will rein.

    I am experiencing painful torture since I woke this morning, which appears to be a punishment for verbally venting my feelings yesterday.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

A TI's Grope for Courage and Hope

  We, Targeted Individuals have been too grossly misunderstood and disbelieved, instead of validated and helped and this has to change, because it is hurting us too much, on top of all else. Due to the mind control, many of our loved ones have turn their backs on us. Since the New York Times article about Targeted Individuals, I have felt literally sickened by the direction this headed in in 2016. I'd hoped for the opposite. But we must dig deep for the courage to push on and just do the best we can, even though our stand for freedom for ourselves, and the rest of humanity, is sometimes crippled by the targeting.
   Deep in the shadows of the pain in my heart a little voice whispers, "It will happen. The sun will rise for all of humanity." I don't know if it will happen in my lifetime. But I know it will happen - humanity will be set free and all levels of victims will finally get the understanding, validation and love that has been needed for so long. And, those of us who are gone will have hopefully left something behind that can help others to see the truths and what can never be allowed to happen again.

I have been being hit hard lately, especially with the torturing of my brain.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

The worst part of the technological and pharmaceutical mind control

   The worst part of the technological and pharmaceutical mind control is that it blocks our Hearts, our intuition, our instincts and stops the process of inner growth – preventing us (even children) from naturally maturing. The dangers in this cannot be overstated. I beg you to do everything in your power to help set humanity free. Please.
In order to attain world peace
Our Hearts must be set free

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Poem I Wrote in 2012

I don't want to be left to evil pretenses of helping hands.
I need to be comforted by those who can care to understand.
I don't want you to declare me insane for their hateful gain.
I need you to soothe my wounds instead of inflicting more pain.
I don't want you to watch from a silent distance while I die.
I need you here beside me as I pray to God and cry.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

What Happened to Them?

   Last Spring I started a list of Targeted Individuals, (TIs) out of a deep concern that, through the past few decades, they have been being abducted and forced into complete enslavement. I strongly feel that the most torturous parts of the technological targeting are often done specifically to force the victim into leaping into enslavement under the guise of it being a covert rescue. Many TIs suddenly become missing, torn from their lives and loved ones. I now believe that, with at least some of the TIs who are listed as suicides, their deaths may have been staged. I have two loved ones that appear to have been abducted.
   It hurts indescribably, the way that targeted families have been being torn apart. It appears that the ones who are less controllable and/or who become aware are torn from the rest of the family one way or the other. I have been isolated from my family and there have been repeated attempts to torture/force me into the covert "Rescue."
   What is happening to the ones they force to leap or the ones they abduct through staging their death? Where are they? What has happened to them? And what is happening to their loved ones? I believe that the abducted ones are probably completely enslaved and threatened into never returning to their loved ones - their lives as they lead them. . .or worse - brain damaged to the point of not remembering who they once were. And I feel that their loved ones, if they are not too effected by technological and pharmaceutical mind control, probably have feelings/intuitions that something is horribly wrong - feelings that prevent healthy grieving and closure. Its a horrible part of this holocaust, which is in desperate need of realization and prevention. I hope that it is not only exposed and stopped, but that those who have been enslaved are reunited with their families so that all can understand and recover.
   Sadly, this is probably not possible for some. Around the year 2013, while I was experiencing what appeared to be multiple groups zooming in to try to abduct me through a covert rescue, I was actually trying to give it the benefit of my doubt and thought there was some good behind some of it. But then I had a dream, which warned of a group of people getting me and holding me in a prison underground with other people whom they were actually eating. They were cannibals who lived in a wealthy estate. I know how gruesome this sounds. But I believe it to be true. I think that what happens to TIs who are being abducted probably depends on who gets them. If there is even the slightest chance that this is happening to human beings, it should be known and thoroughly investigated. And, like I said, I feel that it is indeed happening, but hope that it's not happening to many.

   A few years ago I had tried to get lists of Targeted Individuals, but was not able to. My concern has persisted, especially after Racheal Orbin (or Orbon) appears to have vanished and her name wiped out of my writings by those who infiltrated my computer. This feels really important to me. People should not just keep vanishing without a trace of them left behind. And their loved ones should know what happened to them. Its all just too horrible, no matter where they are or what has happened to them. So, I started making a list from youtube videos.
I am experiencing a laser shot to my heart, and then some other threatening stuff, as I write this!!!!

Youtube Link to a Few Targeted Individual Videos

Under the Guise of Help

   I had shared a bit of this in 2013, but I hope other people, especially other Targeted Individuals, will realize the full scenario, which comes from the wisdom of my own experiences.

Under the Guise of Help

   Some key parts of the targeting are perpetuated under the guise of "help," but sometimes seems to use good, unaware people (often mind control victims who think they are really helping) in the foreground of it, so be careful who you blame. However, some seem to know exactly what they are doing so be careful for yourself too.
   Before I realized that I was being targeted, and before I knew anything about the technologies that are used on us, those who targeted me had often sent their operatives to "help" me through offering jobs or friendships or places to live after they sabotaged my homes...etc. And the V2K (voice to skull) transmissions of their voices were occasionally projected into my brain as I woke, as if it was part of a dream and answers to my prayers and "help" from God. I now think that, during these times, my instincts were dulled with drugs or technological interference with my brain function or both. I trusted too much of it and it really messed up the course of my life.
   In my initial gropes for information and understanding on the web, those who target me tried to be the ones to inform me, feeding me misinformation and giving bad advise, like telling me to focus only on the gang stalking instead of the technological and pharmaceutical mind control that runs it and is the core problem...etc.
   As I grope for financial help they have aimed to be the ones to "help" me, in multiple ways. While holding me in destitution they have repeatedly cut back on financial help and then tried pushing me into getting a loan on my Poetic Publications business, which would surely lead to the loss of it if they prevented me from being able to pay back the loan...etc. I have experienced uncountable episodes of them disabling my car and then zooming in to be the ones to fix it while doing things like breaking something else or rubbing dirt into the carpet or invading my belongings or planting a tracking device...etc.
   As I cried and begged for safety and protection, they aimed to be the ones to "rescue" me. They have even repeatedly tried to force me into their covert "rescue" through torturing me and then zooming in to "help" me.
   Since I have been begging for an OVERT stand up instead of the covert "rescue," which I have sensed leads to complete enslavement, they seem to be aiming to be the ones to control the stand up through setting up my loved ones to be blamed.
   "Help" from those who target us merely adds to the confusion, chaos and pain, when allowed to happen or when its the only help that is available. My situation forces me to get financial help from any where I can and is a rough situation where it has sometimes been delivered with harassment and guilt trips, especially at strategic times. But from the start, I have defied the advise and focused primarily on proving the technological and pharmaceutical parts of the targeting, because they are what enables and controls the rest of it. I turned away from the "help" on the web to do my own research and started figuring out more. I have refused to agree to leave my life forever in the covert rescue. And, over and over again, on my primary blog, I have begged for the kind of help that can come from good and uncontrolled people - the kind that has compassion and understanding and would want to be here for us in ways that do not hurt us more. . .and I hope we get it soon.

P.S. Targeted Individuals are often advised to only focus on gang stalking part of the targeting, in order to get help. The danger in Targeted Individuals remaining unaware of the satellite surveillance and mind control, and focusing primarily on the covert harassment (gangstalking) part of the targeting, is that it clearly aims to gain our trust, often even using enslaved loved ones, in order to either force us to join it or to covertly leap out of our lives (forever) and into complete enslavement under the guise of it being a good rescue. They also try to gain our trust in order to advise us. I have been through hell with supposed good covertly telling me that I will get help if I change my writings - if I erase everything about the dreams I've had and the key things that can prove the targeting and then it progressed to wanting me to erase everything I have written in the past...etc., and then they will help me/us. When we are desperate for the hell to end we try things with the hope that there is some genuine help behind the puppet messages. But it all just hurts us more and my heart keeps telling me that good and genuine help will not do this to us, especially not the withholding of help and making demands for alterations and promises and to make plans for the future while we continue being tortured, no matter who or what it is.
   Focusing on the covert harassment instead of the core problem also seems like a distraction – a total waste of time to focus on something that is completely monitored and controlled by those who watch and target us as well as control those who stalk us. If they don’t want their puppets to be caught, they won’t be. And the reverse is true as well – they could set up whomever they want to have caught and then its victims fighting against other victims, the hell just gets worse for everyone and the REAL perpetrators just have another field day behind the scenes.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Danger of Perpetrators Being the Ones to Expose Their Own Crimes Through Setting Up Their Victims to Be Blamed

   Back in 2012, I had posted my concern about what appeared to be leaders of this horrible holocaust aiming to be in the foreground of reporting parts of it, sometimes even copying exposure of things that have already been shared by people like myself. A serious danger in this is that, as things reach a point of people actually being caught in the crimes, they could try to set up their own victims to be blamed, perpetuating the targeting while pretending to be against it.
   I had received, what appeared to be threats, of them doing this to one of my daughters, last year as well as in the end of 2013, which appeared to be to force into joining the dark program. If the darkest leaders of this holocaust have too much control over too many things, they can just set up whomever they want to hurt. I am concerned that similar scenarios could also happen on larger scales, even in political arenas. I hope this is not allowed to gain any more ground; I hope the Heart of media and governments, around the globe, stand up to expose the technological mind control, its enslavement of humanity, and all the scams that can be performed, in order to hurt victims and their families under the guise of help.
   I am praying hard for Hearts to stand up for all the good in the world, even the unaware good that the darkness has been using in their covert operations, not to blame them, but to hold a compassionate hand out to ALL victims. Its not only those of us who have been being obviously tortured whose lives are in danger. All of humanity is and the darkness, that inflicts the pain, in many different ways, just has to be stopped. God help us all.

If Only They Knew!

   When I heard about the Vegas shooting, at the country music concert, my first gut feeling was that he was an unaware V2K victim who thought God was talking to him and may have thought that he was doing a service to help save people. Whether this is true or not, the scenario certainly is a serious danger that exists in out world. And it could be stopped by full public disclosure of the technologies, which have been being used on people. If everyone knew about the technological mind control, and the V2K part of it, they would know that IT IS NOT GOD talking to them, and that IT IS NOT MENTAL ILLNESS, and they would have the opportunity to resist it and would be able to get support from fellow human beings who would understand. I beg EVERYONE who is aware to do more to help bring public awareness to all levels of the technological targeting of human beings...etc. 

Criminal use of mind control technologies, and their V2K
applications, are more dangerous than any of the guns.
Please help expose and stop criminal use of them

P.S. I was a bit slow to post this, because I have been experiencing yet another batch of set ups, including rounds of torture. I have been overwhelmed and have been trying to focus on less gruesome things, but this had to be said. Lately they are hitting me with painful laser shots to the right side of my neck when I talk too much or say things they want to be kept secret, or talk to a puppet...etc. As I write this I am being struck with sudden pain in my torso. 

Sunday, October 15, 2017

I'm scared

      I've heard it said that, in this targeting mess, "fear is the worst enemy." I guess that’s true. But I feel scared. I am scared for my loved ones who have all been being targeted too, just in different ways. I am scared for my children and their babies and other babies that are being hurt. I'm scared for all the other families who have been being targeted. I'm scared for our law enforcement personnel, including the FBI and CIA and military...etc. I'm scared for America and our government. And I'm scared for all of humanity. I'm scared that the dark infiltration had gained too much ground. I don't want to let fear make me fight against any of these places, who have been being hurt too, but it has. I have tried, in between rounds of crippling targeting, to hold my heart out to all of them, even those who have been used against me. I want to stay in that place, where my heart is stronger than my fear and pain, but the targeting blocks my heart to too much of a degree and. . .I’m scared. Its hard to stagger on. I do the best I can. Let it go, my heart says...just let it all go - the fear and its fight. I wish my heart could reach a stronger hand out to those places where darkness has reined, so that more Light can filter in and help me to understand why their heart has not reached me. There is so much I don't understand. I want the good in America and the rest of humanity to succeed - to rise above the darkness that has had it running and hiding for too long - to stand in the Light for Freedom to be restored. I sometimes struggle to hold onto my vision of that - of things getting better and Hearts standing up and all targeted families and people saved and pulling back together to recover. Its hard to not be scared. Its hard to hold onto hope when that horrible darkness surrounds and infiltrates me and my loved ones and my country. . .and covert wars rage around the globe. Its hard. I'm scared. I'm still standing, but its a crippled stand. I'm scared. I'm still praying for all of us. But I'm scared. I'm still waiting for only good to happen for all of us. But I'm scared. I'm hurt and I'm scared and my strength has been being drained by the tortures and microwaves. I'm praying for strength.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Yearn for Freedom Book

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Tough Time

   The past two days were torturous. And I am again being threatened with prison and the disabling of my car. They accessed my car and storage container within the past few weeks. They have been accessing email account. They are badgering me about writings...still! They did a set up with a man who was rude and mean to me.
   I cried hard this morning - so frustrated and feeling the pain of those of us who continue to be hurt and even destroyed. Feel like I finally figured out the rest of what is happening to block the Heart of humanity and have been too imprisoned to do a good job with my work. They threaten to put me in prison, but I am already there. An obvious prison would be better than this in some ways, but not in the way of me having to eat or drink only what I was given to me...etc. I hope they do not succeed with any of it anymore.

  I guess the darkness has been going after the good, and trying to make us look like the bad, since things really started coming out more in the sub medias. Its sad. I hope they do not do anymore and can not succeed with what they have already started. I still pray for all the good in the world to openly stand up for themselves and us and America and the rest of humanity.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Important Reminder

Please Read and Share this Post for the Children
Below is a new version of it plus an article from my older writings.

To Save the Children

   I was shocked to find these headlines, which read, "I think my child is Mentally ill" on top of a picture of a sad little girl who has the words "I feel sad," printed above her head. Below are a my photographs of the headlines in that magazine and my article on the subject.
   I hope those who wrote and printed this article are not offended by this. I don't know what their intentions were. Perhaps they believe what they have shared and had no ill intentions. If so, I hope they read this with their hearts and let it change their minds. . .for the sake of humanity's children.

  This ad was on page 10 of the the November, 2015 issue of the New Hampshire "Parenting" magazine. It definitely comes across as an aim to make people think that sadness is wrong or worse - that it should raise concerns about "mental illness" and even worse - that it should be medicated. Ads like this should raise red flags in all who care about children and the future health and safety of humanity, but does it? Do enough people realize what has been happening with psychiatric pharmaceuticals and technological mind control and the suppression of feelings? Obviously not. I hope all of humanity becomes aware, so that ti can stop succeeding.
   To me, this ad was a blatant reminder of the unhealthy push for false "mental illness" diagnosis, even on our little defenseless children, and it's pharmaceutical treatment, which often (if not always) suppresses feelings, prevents the healing process and blocks the child's heart. The "mental Illness" diagnosis clearly opens the door for the infliction of the types of pharmaceuticals, which aid technological mind control.
   A part of me is so upset about this that its hard to write about it. How on earth could anyone put out a message that implies something being wrong with a child for feeling sad? And who would even believe it? I guess the answer is, those who have already been controlled or brainwashed into thinking it is true. The real Truth is that. . .


A child's sadness is an indication of pain that needs encouragement to be talked out or cried out or hugged out or all of the above. Sadness a natural feeling that should not be suppressed or medicated or prevented in any way or form. There is nothing wrong with a child who feels sad.
Sadness is one of the natural emotions we were born with. We were born with the capability of feeling it for a good reason. Sadness is part of a healthy grieving process, which helps us to release our pain. When we do not allow this process of feeling and releasing our pain our hearts become blocked and this is not good for us. Actually, its harmful for natural feelings of sadness to be suppressed and blocked, instead of felt and healed, especially in children. And, according to some experts in the field of psychiatry, it can be dangerous to give children psychiatric drugs. And the danger is seriously magnified when the medicated child becomes a completely controlled victim of technological mind control.
The general holocaustal targeting has been pushing humanity toward being mechanical - into suppressing natural feelings of sadness, fear, anger...etc., instead of feeling and healing them. This blocks our hearts and prevents the healing process. All aspects of the mind control targeting have been literally destroying the heart of humanity. Children who have been medicated and controlled must be saved - set free. And the rest must remain completely free.

   Through the natural process of feeling our own feelings and thinking our own thoughts, as we experience our lives, we grow, we mature, we learn, we become wiser and more whole. This process of growth is what life is for. As we grow, our minds and hearts and spirits and souls evolve.
In my book, a lot more can be said about the value of Wisdom than that which can be said about schoolastic knowledge. Wisdom grows from direct experience. And knowledge is just memorizing other people's ideas, experiences, opinions...etc. Its good to learn from others. I'm not knocking knowledge. But Wisdom is what really fully knows.
   We all naturally acquire Wisdom as we experience our lives. But when the course of our lives are disrupted and our thoughts are not always our own and our feelings are suppressed, we become crippled and stagnant and blocked and heartless and meaningless and confused. And when we are technologically controlled by those who inflict these things upon us, we are no longer even fully alive - we become like zombies who have no individuality. This has actually been happening to people, including little children, who have not been allowed to mature! Please become aware of all aspects of the targeting of humanity and help stop it from continuing.


   I understand that there truly are people who have genuine mental problems and can function better with drugs. But I can not help but wonder how many of them, are being technologically targeted. . .and even if they aren't, how many would fully recover if they were not medicated and felt truly loved by another human being or if they had someone to care to listen and understand and offer a shoulder to cry on? How many are labeled and suppressed instead of being loved and healed? How many? And children? They just need to be loved and comforted and free.
   We must be free to think only our own thoughts. . .and to fully feel our own feelings, which enables us to heal from past pains, in order to be healthy and grow into all that we were born to be. I have strong feelings about this because it is directly connected to a large part of my work. Below is an article I wrote back in the 1990s. At that time, I was not aware of the targeting of humanity, but I was noticing the effects of it. This is for adults, because healthy, aware adults are good for their children. All children that goodness.

The Silent Epidemic
   Though most of us have heard that “it's OK to cry,” we don't seem to fully realize how incredibly important it is to allow a healthy grieving process after painful situations. We usually close our Hearts, in order to avoid feeling emotional pain. Yet, this closing of our Hearts, no matter how much or how little, is causing even more pain, because crying is what washes away the pain and allows us to feel deeper levels of love and compassion for ourselves and others.
   What I call, the "Silent Epidemic" grows and spreads each time we suppress our sadness. The Silent Epidemic is an emotional illness. I know this may sound a bit strange to some of you. But if you read the rest of this, and listen to the Wisdom in your own Heart, I’m sure you'll feel some of the Truth in what I m saying.
   Some say that sadness is "negative" or "depressing". Some go so far as to say that it's "un-spiritual" or "dark" to feel, release or express sadness! Some even think that “all we need to do is use our minds to choose joy instead," no matter how we are REALLY feeling! But my experiences show me that this avoidance of our Hearts - this suppression of our sadness, is THE very thing that actually CREATES the "negative" stuff in our world.
   I feel certain that humanity's health and well-being depends on each of us allowing the natural cleansing process of healthy grieving, because releasing our emotional pain is what opens our Hearts to deeper levels of Love, Joy and Peace.
   We habitually suppress our sadness, because feeling it can be uncomfortable and sometimes overwhelming, especially when it's not supported by the people around us. Even in the most supportive environments, it's difficult to completely embrace grief. Suppression is the easiest route to take, but certainly NOT the healthy one.
   Most of us were taught, from the day we were born, to stuff down our feelings of sadness; to "get over it", to pretend it's not there, and "put it behind us" as quickly as possible. Consequently, most of us are better at suppressing than we are at releasing our pain.
   We tend to even feel ashamed to go out in public after we've let ourselves deeply cry, because we don't want people to know we've been crying. We act as if crying is doing something wrong or shameful! We waste a lot of energy trying to avoid feeling anything but shallow imitations of joy. We stuff down our sadness with overdoses of caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, food, drugs, pharmaceuticals like anti depressants, TV, sleeping, thinking, working...etc. We tend to keep ourselves so busy and so distracted that there's no time to feel anything! And we often try to stop others from feeling their feelings, because their sadness triggers ours. And on and on and on the unhealthy cycle goes. I feel 100% certain that deeper levels of grieving/crying is an absolute necessity for the health of our Hearts, our families, our communities, our countries. . .our world.
   The "Silent Epidemic", is the widest spread, most dangerous epidemic in humanity. No joke! You may think I'm catastrophizing here. But I feel certain that I'm not. I feel that humanity is at a serious crisis point with this issue. There are far too many things that are pulling us out of our Hearts and preventing our process of personal growth. PLEASE think about this.
Sadness is not depressing! It's the suppression of it that depresses us.
   Suppressing sadness - the closing of our Hearts, appears to be the root cause of ALL the problems humanity faces on both personal and global levels. When we've suppressed too much, it blocks our Hearts - depresses us, or becomes anger that yearns to strike out.
   On the smaller scales: not allowing a natural grieving causes our Hearts to start blocking to the point where we also start losing our ability to feel deeper levels of compassion, peace, Love and joy. Greed begins attempting to fill the voids with money and possessions. Our connection to the deeper, wiser parts of ourselves and to the Highest Power, becomes more and more blocked. Is any of this sounding familiar?
   On the larger scales: severe suppression of sadness, causes Hearts to become so blocked that they begin filling up with unhealthy levels of greed, warped senses of spirituality, uncontrolled anger or hatred and a thirst for power over others. . .all of which are THE root cause of the destructive wars we experience between family members, religions, cultures, and countries. When Hearts completely block evil moves in.
   Now, I'm not suggesting that we walk around trying to cry all the time. But I AM saying that we should work at allowing the depths of our Heart's natural cleansing process - that we should allow and support a healthy grieving process far more than we now do. And I'm praying for us to take a deeper look at the damaging effects of the "NO crying/grieving allowed" messages, we deliver to our children and loved ones. I cringe every time I hear the popular Christmas song, "You better be good. You better not cry. I'm telling you why. . .Santa Clause is coming to town..."!!! I'm sure we would not even think of delivering messages like this to our children, if we knew how damaging it is. Sometimes, when I hear this song, I sing along and loudly change the words to, "You'd better cry...", because our individual Hearts need to utilize their natural cleansing process for our soul’s preservation and growth. The "Silent Epidemic" needs to be cured, in order for us to start healing our world, ESPECIALLY through the tough times we now face. It's OK to cry. It is! It really is.

Crying is like giving the Heart a shower
To wash away accumulated dirt.

We feel Love only as deeply as we allow ourselves to feel our sadness.

Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Important statement about my older writings about the targeting

   I wrote the following statement for my Yearn for Freedom book, which I decided is not going to replace any of my old books, because of the dark push for me to erase my past writings and possible set ups that could succeed if I did. Someone, who was in the lap top which was recently given to me, erased the statement below from my writings. I don't understand why.

 P.S. I have removed the statement from this post due to realizing that a word, which alters the meaning of something, was dropped from it. I have been having a serious problem with various types of interference with my writings.  Aside from alterations and erasing of important things, those that hound me have made it difficult for me to finish things before posting and printing them. Due to the harassment and interference with my brain (through radio waves being shot into it) I have developed the habit of starting an article by roughly writing what is on my mind and then fleshing it out afterwards. But I often feel forced to post and print it, prematurely, when they start altering things or erasing it or threatening me...etc., so that I will not lose it completely. As I worked on my Yearn for Freedom book introductions and first chapter, they replaced my files with a previous version, which erased things that I had added to it. Some of it was lost and I can not retrieve it and there is no point in sharing a crippled article, which I have already been forced to do too much of. I will repost it on my Yearn for Freedom blog when I have fixed it, but I do not know when that will be able to happen. I beg those who do this to me to please stop and let me at least do my writings without any sort of interference. www.yearnforfreedom.blogspot.com

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Yearn for Freedom book

     I have decided not to replace my "Targeted in America" book with this "Yearn for Freedom" title. It will, someday be its own book.

   Yearn for Freedom book on Amazon;  https://www.amazon.com/Yearn-Freedom-Sharon-Rose-Poet/dp/1978487762/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1508859727&sr=8-2&keywords=%22Yearn+for+Freedom%22

 Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


A gentle mist lingers
Between hills and trees,
Pretending the world is
At peace and free.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Honest Justice Can Not Be Served in An Enslaved and Unaware Society

Honest Justice Can Not Be Served in
An Enslaved and Unaware Society

Please help spread awareness that can help set humanity free

P.S. I guess a better way to word this "Fair Justice Can Not Be Served in An Enslaved and Unaware Society." Please help to stop the technological and pharmaceutical enslavement of humanity.

Please Set Humanity Free

Honest Justice Can Not Be Served in
An Enslaved and Unaware Society

Please help spread awareness that can help set humanity free

   I have been surrounded by so many dark judgements and threats or aims to misplace blame...etc., that it has left my heart and soul in a state of concern even if "help" were to finally arrive. My heart says that, surely, anyone in their right mind, who can listen to their Hearts, would know that torture victims need compassionate help, the kind that cares and understands and validates and reassures and explains and protects from further harm instead of inflicting more pain. This should go without saying, especially for those of us who are being literally tortured year after year and decade after decade. Some of us, myself included, have already been hurt too much. . .way too much. 

As for those (often our own loved ones and community members) who have been forced/drugged/threatened...etc., or unwittingly deceived, into being used against us in the covert program; It is not fair to blame anyone who is not fully informed and not completely free to use their own minds, hearts and instincts - their God given free will. Please help set them free. If they were free and aware they'd be loving and helping us in every way they can. Please let them.

As for those of us who are being hurt by the covert program and are being technologically tortured...etc. (people like me); It is not fair for anyone to judge us for our attitudes, while we are still being targeted and before we have a chance to fully recover, because we can not function properly while our brain function is being technologically interfered with and while being tortured, drugged, threatened...etc., and are often in overwhelming states of distress and pain in between rounds of heavy targeting.

P.S. There are extreme criminal parts of the targeting too - people ARE responsible for the harm they freely chose to inflict, especially if that harm does obviously criminal things like raping or drugging or killing or implanting microchips without permission, tampering with things like brakes on our vehicles...etc. But much of the harassment and deprivation of help parts of the targeting are inflicted by our unwittingly deceived or technologically enslaved loved ones and community members who are mostly the types of people who would not even consider joining such darkness of their own free will and if they were aware of what is happening. (This applies to people both inside and outside the government.) They are victims too.  They need to be set free too. If the darkest forces have their way, they could continue to manipulate things so that victims are fighting against and blaming each other, causing even more chaos and pain, under the guise of exposing the targeting...etc. And this just should not be allowed to happen. Please help inform all of humanity about the dark covert program and help stop criminal use of all types of radio wave technologies, which can manipulate minds or inflict other types of harm.

Honest Justice Can Not Be Served in
An Enslaved and Unaware Society

Please help spread awareness that can help set humanity free

Friday, September 22, 2017

Dark Set Ups That Aim to Blame Victims

[ Update; I erased the top part of this post because there appeared to be a manipulation taking place and I am not sure of what it was, after having time to think about it. ]

   Like I have said before, even if some of the real criminal puppets were caught doing something to me I do not see how it could be resolved while its all under the influence of those who target me and can use technological mind control, on all of us through the process, as well as just set up whomever they want (of their own victims or puppets) to get caught and blamed. Even in legitimate situations this could become a dark playground for those who can manipulate the situation and just create more hell for me and possibly those whom they set up. The puppets, whom they have forced into the program, and used against me, either through drugging them or through deceitful coercions to make them think it is good help, should to be informed and set free instead of blamed. And this informing needs to be done by officials and not just people like me ehom they can be convinced are just crazy.
   In order for the targeting to be honestly exposed and stopped, the technological mind control and its enslavement of citizens, would have to be exposed, even if it could not be totally stopped right away. JUST AN AWARENESS of it could drastically loosen its grip and perhaps even enable protection for some of us.
   Clearly, without the technological parts of the targeting the vast majority of this hell would not even be happening. The worst of our problems, which desperately need to be exposed and stopped, are the technological tortures of victims like myself, the technological mind control, the secret society that lures people in under the guise of it being good and then uses them as puppets to help harass or harm fellow citizens like me, the forced enslavement of some of the "puppet" victims, other parts of the lethal targeting of humanity, and the secrecy that enables the continuation of this technological holocaust.

   Please do not use me to help blame victims who have been forced/drugged/brainwashed into and/or unwittingly deceived and used in the covert program that is used against primary targets like me. To be trying to do so, under the guise of "helping" me, does not feel good to me and it is not helpful.

Surely, almost nobody, who is in their right mind and has been informed of the Truths, would be wanting to go along with any part of the covert or technological targeting.

   Again, I beg government officials and the media to publicly stand up and expose the technological and pharmaceutical mind control, and the dark covert program (secret society), so that it can lose its grip on people, even if criminal use of the technologies can not be stopped immediately. It is not fair to blame anyone who is not informed and not completely free to use their own instincts and will. Please set them free.

   It has become clear to me that I have been being so heavily tortured due to my not being very controllable and due to my refusing to be falsely labeled as "mentally ill" and put on one of the pharmaceuticals (that aid technological mind control) and, in the past few years, my refusal to join and obey the covert program, which swarms me with too much pressure and harassment and threats and demands to obey or else...etc. I do not want to join or obey. I want it to stop hurting me and everyone else whom it uses in order to harass me. I want my community members to be set free. I want my loved ones and acquaintances set free. We all should be set free and allowed to openly pull together and support and help each other through these troubled times. God help us all to be totally set free and have a chance to understand/recover.

Honest Justice Can Not Be Served in
An Enslaved and Unaware Society

Please help spread awareness that can help set humanity free

 Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Don't Listen to or Believe Dark Rumors...etc.

Dark slanders and rumors can only succeed when people foolishly listen to and believe them instead of casting them in the trash, and when people are not aware of the problem of covert targeting.

  In the targeting there are a lot of rumor campaigns that seem to work far too well, especially with technological mind control helping them along. I wish people would realize that this is happening to people so they can second guess what they hear or ask us about it.
   I have also received many threats about set ups, that supposedly happened in the past or threaten to happen in the future, in order to destroy my credibility...etc. These threats are used to try to make me leap into the program - into the "covert rescue" and permanently leave my life, in order to not be slandered or locked up in some way. Its been an ongoing part of the targeting that is very scary. But I do not want to give in to it. I'm sure that they already have too many threatened into obedience or silence or even complete enslavement in this way. My heart keeps telling me that the dark forces who do this to people would not be succeeding if more of us stood up and exposed what they do. Please stand up against dark rumors, threats and set ups so that they can stop succeeding.

What Does "Turn the other cheek," Mean?

    I do not believe in the popular perception of the biblical phrase, "Turn the other cheek," which I recently heard yet another time. I feel that the original meaning of this phrase must have just meant to not fight back - to not seek revenge, because this makes perfect sense and is a wise message that we all should heed. I feel that "Turn the other cheek" DOES NOT mean that we should welcome an abuser to hit us again - to let them keep on hurting us, because this is NOT a good thing to do. We are NOT supposed to be just silently letting people hurt us, because its not good for us or them. We are supposed to protect ourselves from being hurt and we are supposed to be helping each other to be safe and protected from all sorts of harm.
   In the face of any sort of assault or threat, the right thing to do is either turn our back and walk away or put up some sort of shield to protect ourselves from further harm. The shield, in many types of situations is to talk about what happened or is happening - to expose it so that it has a chance of not continuing to inflict harm through other people helping to protect us...etc.

   Sadly, in the technological targeting, most of us do not have a shield and there seems no way to get away from it. Too many victims have been enslaved and used by it against their own will and without even knowing what is happening to them. And too many of us continue being literally tortured for not being controllable enough and for not joining and obeying the program. The only shield we have is in the process of hoping to build one through standing up and telling the truth about what is happening to us (although we sometimes get tortured for doing so) and wait for officials to openly be here for us in ways that prevent further harm to us as well as our loved ones...etc. This is a horrible holocaustal situation that desperately needs a good positive end. God help us all to be totally set free and have a chance to recover, no matter which way we are being targeted.
   In my personal situation some of my writings have been my shields. Sometimes I tuck my shields into more private forums, (into emails or other things) in case I misunderstood or misperceived and/or it ends up not being needed. But it is there in case things are as bad, or worse, than they sometimes appear and I do end up needing it. There have also been times when I've taken down or hidden my shields out of fear, due to threats and tortures being inflicted upon me. But deep in my heart I have hoped that someone, somewhere, who is genuinely good, either got it or already knows and will be here for us - will fully stand up for us and America and the rest of humanity as quickly as is possible.

Monday, September 18, 2017

"We Shall All Be Free"

   The 1960s gave rise to a fight for Freedom and Peace, which appears to have built walls between "the people" and "the government." My gut feeling is that, during that time, Freedom was already being lost, in ways that few knew about, both inside and outside the government, by forces that were stronger than both sides put together, due to its secrecy and the lack of awareness.
   The following words came from a song sung by Joan Baez for people who were marching against the government. Wouldn't it be nice of these lyrics could be sung by government officials for the rest of us and by us for the government? Wouldn't it be nice if the wall could be broken by our Hearts and we could all be here for each other? This is how it should be. And I believe it is how it would be if technological mind control was not influencing too many on ALL sides of this horrible battle that grew into a silent darkness, which still hurts us all and should be stopped from doing so.

"Deep in my heart, I do believe.
We shall over come.
We shall be alright.
 We'll walk hand in hand.
We shall all be free."

For me, today, this vision of people, in my situation, standing up together for Freedom seems more impossible than ever. My heart is crying, literally, as I think of how things should be, instead of how they are.I hope things change in a good positive way, no matter how unlikely it appears.

How Many?

   This song really touched my heart when I heard it played in a church on Sunday. It's message applies now as much as then, if not more so. "How many years can some people exist before their allowed to be free? How many times can a man turn his head and pretend that he just doesn't see? How many ears must one man have before he can hear people cry? How many deaths will it take until he knows that too many people have died?"

Peter Paul and Mary - Blowing in the Wind


Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.

Beacons Needed

     I have felt, from the start, that we need the Heart of the main stream media and government officials to fully stand up and expose all aspects of the general technological and pharmaceutical targeting, especially the mind control and its enslavement of human beings...etc., so that Freedom and Peace and safety can be restored to all. I hope many of their Hearts will soon be free to push past the dark walls of silence and become honest and compassionate public beacons for us and America and the rest of humanity.

    My personal situation, as well as that of many others, still looks too bleak, but I guess I just have to keep surviving and do the best I can, with what I have to work with, and take just one day at a time. God help us all to find the strength to hold up until real help arrives.

P.S. Am really struggling today. I got a phone call that took hope instead of delivering it. I just want to cry and wish I had the privacy to let it out properly. :-( 

 Give us STRENGTH, God...to find our way through bullets hidden in microwaves, and COURAGE, God...to make a STAND that saves our lives and FREEs our land.